It’s a Spectrum

It's a Spectrum


The Fam’

The Fam'

A lot of my characters from a lot of my stories.

From the left:
Curse (male), the half-demon blacksmith from Black Forest
Wrath-sama (female), the demon-bunny-princess from Black Forest
Dweed (male), he’s a jelly-demon. Yeah. From Black Forest
Chu (male), the ball-jointed-doll-robot from Cybernetic Chubot (lol, old name)
Raguna (male), the overly excitable kid who found his own robot. From Cybernetic Chubot
Nami (female), Ani’s overly-empowered girlfriend who got her soul eaten and didn’t really care. From The Legend of Divine Metamorphosis
Ri/Kaminari (male), Ani’s best friend and angel counterpart, and… occasionally his boy toy. From The Legend of Divine Metamorphosis
Ani/Ankoku (male), the big obnoxious demon main character from The Legend of Divine Metamorphosis. Sold half his soul for Nami, is slowly eating Ri’s without wanting to.
Ket/Ketto (male. yes. male.), the pint-sized samurai from my first story. He’s all about cherry blossoms and peace and fighting spirit.
ME! Kafae! (gender varient) it’s me! Hi!
Hachi (male), the biggest dumbass you’ll ever meet, but you gotta love him. Ougee’s best friend and lover. From Kill Me Shining
Ougee (male), the rabbit-boy main character of Kill Me Shining. Ooki’s big brother and Hachi’s best friend and lover.
Ooki (male), the snow leopard-boy with a high voice, huge temper, and even bigger tail. Seriously, everyone just likes his tail. Senga’s boy toy, I mean boyfriend. From Kill Me Shining
Senga (female), the overly sexual, overly scientific brains of the operation. Ooki’s vet, I mean girlfriend. From Kill Me Shining
Soom (male), the blue gill main character of my fish-people story. He is not amused with everyone’s shenanigans and just wants to breathe salt water.
Luts (male), the little firecracker of a lionfish kid. Need a moment of peace? Not when he’s in the same city.
Volks (female), the bioluminescent deep-sea fish girl who loves color, and her friends, but is really shy.
Zypher (male), he’s a shark. Yes he has a lot of teeth. Don’t mention the hump on his back, it’s a fin it’s just still coming in. Seriously. He’ll beat you up.
Dr. Joseph (male), the once-buried-alive town doctor from my 1800s horror story The Bellstalker. Can see the ghost that’s killing his patients on the operating table.
Ari (male), the once-bird-boy photographer that uncovers the secrets behind the animal-people’s curse. From Under Decaying Wings

–All characters and names copyright Kafae/Lauren Willier 2014—–