Ice Banca Challenge


School Box??


My friend Kai was trying desperately to explain to Prince Banca what the little plastic boxes we kept our pencils in in grade school were. Banca thinks the hierarchy of social classes among which child has the glitter glue and which has normal glue… is hilarious.

kai and banca

Thanks Motaku 2014!

Thanks everyone who met me at Motaku this past weekend, came to my panels, and took my card! I really loved spending time with everyone at the con and loved the energy at all my drawing panels. That is a small convention but every single attendee is so excited to be there! I also was guest staff for the wonderful Jessica Calvello, and want to give her a special thanks for being so awesome! She’s great, and will continue to make a great Hanji in Attack on Titan, and is a classic if you’ve ever seen some of the anime from my generation.

Tia Ballard, Greg of Greggo’s Game Shows, Samurai Dan and Jill, and Sophie McNut were guests I helped out as well. They made the con even better, and were all great! A special thanks also to my main man Michael Gaspersic, who was my partner in crime all weekend on guest staff. He is the top dog for networking and taking care of guests and taught me how to be con staff, and kept me sane. Thanks to my dragon brother Kai for cheering me on, and giving me some fun times to look forward to when all the con work was finished.  Last but certainly never least, thank you to my amazing girlfriend Amanda for helping me finish and get my business cards out and helping keep me going each day! I love you!

Thanks again everybody from Motaku! I hope to see you guys at Ahn!Con in January where I will hopefully be involved. Now that all this stuff is over, pages will hopefully be out by fall. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


nuzzle h o

Kill Me Shining at Motaku This Weekend!!!

Kill Me Shining will be at Motaku this weekend in Kansas City Missouri! Kafae (The creator) will be hosting 3 panels! If you’re there and know of the comic please come say hi!!!! I would love to give anyone who previously knows of my comic a free drawing!


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