RIP Teahouse Comic

RIP teahouseTeahouse was my favorite web comic. I got to meet EMIRAIN, thankfully, before this and tell her(I only met EMI) that their work inspires me so much. I hope you guys go on to have everything you dreamed of, and get to keep working on amazing art. ❤ I will miss your comic and characters so much. They are loved and will live on past their pages.

Here’s their update announcing they are done:


Happy Food Holiday!

Sorry it’s a day late. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’m thankful for your ass, too, Ougee.

By the way, we love game shows…

Did you know Hachi loves game shows? Specifically Greggo’s Game Shows. If you’ve ever met him in real life you know how fun Greg can be…

bitch you crazy

He comes to conventions and hosts the most hilarious games, with voice actor panelists and con-goer participation too! He’s in a bit of a bind and it’d mean a lot if you’d check him out and recommend him to any events/cons you know of! ❤ Thank you guys!