animate me ougee

Hello everyone! My pen name is Kafae, and I’m the writer and artist for Kill Me Shining. I started this project many years ago, and have now begun finalizing it into a full blown comic! I hope it can make you laugh, cry, or most importantly, get inspired! Either way, thanks for viewing this comic!

-Credits for Site and Comic-

Comic written, created, sketched and inked by Lauren W aka Kafae

Comic coloring, lettering, and background art by Amanda T aka Demeteraa

Where did we learn things? Kafae and Demeteraa both graduated with BAs in Animation from Webster University in Missouri, but we self taught ourselves many many things. Kafae also attended Meramec College and Maryville College for some art.

Program used: Photoshop CS5

Hardware: Beastly computers and Wacom Intuos Pro 4, and Wacom Intuos Pro 5 Special

Fonts we use: Nightwatcher, YouMurderer, StraightJacket, Fundead, etc. from Blambot Fonts

Sound effects in animations: freesound.org and soundbible.com

Animation programs used: Toonboom 6 and 7, Photoshop CS5, and Sony Vegas

Speech bubble brushes: http://www.obsidiandawn.com/speech-bubbles-photoshop-gimp-brushes

Some other brushed from: Slugbox on Deviantart