Ougee model sheet


Ougee portrait


Ougee Tani: Male, around 5’9″.

The main character of Kill Me Shining. Ooki’s older brother, Senga’s friend and Hachi’s best friend. He is sometimes quiet and reserved, but sarcastic and to the point with his friends. Has always had trouble making big decisions, and is battling depression and anxiety. His curse is of a Belgian Hare, and has rabbit ears and a tail. His passion is cooking, but ends up just making whatever he can for the group at their camp site. He needs to be the leader, but needs support. He continues to try to win back his little brothers love, but ends up making it worse a lot of the time.

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Ooki model sheet


Ooki Tani: Male, around 4’8″.Ooki portrait

Ougee’s temperamental and hyperactive younger brother. He’s always getting into fights, and usually wins despite his size. He’s not afraid to scratch someone up with his nails. His curse is of a Snow Leopard, with ears, a tail, fangs, and claw-like nails. He has serious anger issues, and hates his brother for them getting cursed. He is creative, draws and is good with maps. Has a crush on Senga, but is really inexperienced with dating and… anything sexual.

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Senga flatsSenga portraitSenga Glas: Female, around 5’3″.

Senga is a science-loving zoologist in training that isn’t afraid to put down her books to mess around with boys or girls alike. Despite her age she has a lot of sexual prowess and confidence. She finds logic comforting, and doesn’t get attached emotionally to the people she dates. Sometimes she has motherly tendencies, but hides them because she does not want to be seen as a stereotypical wifey-girl at any time. She has a passion for learning and traveling, sick of being in the dark about what the world has to offer.

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Hachi model sheetHachi portraitHachi Sugihara: Male, around 5’6″

Hachi is the biggest dumbass you’ll ever meet, but you gotta love him. Originally from Ushinau, he is training to become a doctor but has a passion for writing. His overconfident attitude and happy exterior is contrasted by a deep insecurity caused by his home life. He is Ougee’s best friend and is always trying to get him to cheer up. You’ll find him hitting on girls at school, where he has his own fan club – by the way they have T-shirts, but always gives the most attention to his close friends. He tries to be tough, has been trained to not cry, but is supportive and sweet when Ougee and his friends need help.

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